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The Copper, Tin and Bronze Coinage
and Patterns for Coins of England, 2nd Edition

H Montagu, F.S.A 1893
James II

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James II, 1684-1688

No patterns appear to have been struck in this reign. The current coins were of tin, with a square plug of copper in the centre. A patent was granted to Thomas Neale and others to coin this tin money at the rate of 20d. from each pound of tin, with 40 per cent. profit to the King.


1. O. IACOBVS. SECVNDVS.. Laureate bust to the right in a mantle and no armour.
    R. BRITANNIA Figure as on the halfpenny of Charles II.; round the edge, NVMMORVM. FAMVLVS. 1685 R. 3.

In addition to the above date, 1686 and 1687 also occur.


2. O. IACOBVS. SECVNDVS.. Laureate bust to the right.
    R. BRITANNIA Figure as on the halfpenny except that the right leg is bare. The inscription round the edge is as on the halfpenny. R. 3.

This occurs of the dates 1685 and 1687, and presumably also of 1686.

3. O. As No. 2, but with the bust in armour and the work somewhat neater.
    R. As No. 2.
This also occurs of the dates 1685, 1686 and 1687.

Both the halfpenny and farthing of 1688 are stated to exist, but this is extremely doubtful.

A specimen of the farthing struck in copper with a plain edge, and therefore with no date, is in the National Collection.

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