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India-Mughal-KM-235-20 : Click Images to Enlarge
India, Mughal Empire (KM-235.20) Rupee (Silver) : 1628-1658
Obv Legend: Kalima with bi-sudq Abi Bekr, wa adl Umar, bi-azram Uthman, wa-ilm Ali at top, bottom, left, and right (By the truth of Abu Bekr and the justice of Umar, by the modesty of Uthman and the wisdom of Ali
Obv Desc: Arabic legend with the Kalima in center square, the four successors around
Rev Legend: Shah Jahan Badshah Gazi in center, Shihab ed-din Mohammed sahib quiran sani zarb Patna (Flame of the faith of Mohammed, second lord of the favorable conjunction of the planets, minted at Patna)
Rev Desc: Legend in three lines in central square with legend around
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