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S4059 : Click Images to Enlarge
Base Farthing of George V (1911-1917)
Diameter: 20.16mm
Weight: 2.8300g
Fineness: .950 Copper, .040 Tin, .010 Zinc
Base Content: 0.0000 oz
Obv: Bare head of George V left, dark finish
Rev: Britannia seated right on rock by sea, holding shield and trident
The blackened finish that was introduced in 1897 on S3964 and which was maintained on all the farthings of Edward VII was continued on this type. This darker finish was to make it more easy to distinguish the farthing from the half sovereign. With the exception of Specimen Sets and of general circulation issues in the years 1923, 1925, and 1926 when half sovereigns were struck in Pretoria, no half sovereigns were struck after 1918 and the blackened finish on the farthings was discontinued in favor of the bright finish that had preceded it.
YearMintage YearMintage YearMintage
19115,196,800 19127,669,760 19134,184,320
19146,126,988 19157,129,254 191610,993,325
191721,434,844 191819,362,818
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