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Names of Moneyers and Towns

From Thomas Snelling's A View of the Silver Coin and Coinage of England, 1762

The inscriptions, as before, have the name of the moneyer, and that of the town, but with less variety than the two Williams, as there are fewer Coins of this King.

Henry I Names of Moneyers
Alen Alfpine Algar Arcil Ciari Edmund Eturi Fucred Geraud Goefrei
Godric Godpine Gol Hermer Jelfpine Jordan Lefpard Morus Ofbr Ordgur
Orim Ofulf Rauf Richard Rolland Sain Sam Sigar Smiene Smiorne
Palford Pintured Pulfrine Pulfpine Pulfpord Witt

Henry I Names of Towns
Bado Bifes Brifto Cant Canter Gipe Here Le Linc Lun
Lund Lunde Lundene Lundon Norpic Norwic Ric Rofi Rufa Sedm
Stanf Su Sut Pelligli Pin Pintrfir

Stephen Names of Moneyers
Aelmar Ericus Ferris Roberd Sptidets Thobi Tomas Tovi Paen Pillem

Stephen Names of Towns
Ca Co Here Le Lewes Linco Lu Lund Lunde Norwic
Snot Su Pilt Piltu

Henry II Names of Moneyers
Edmund Funere Jordan Ricard Robert Wiler Willeme Willelme William
Henry II Names of Towns
Cardic Cant Everwi Gipe Glou Lund Nor Nucas Sedm Stan

Matrix of English Monarchs and Coins

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