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Names of Moneyers and Towns

From Thomas Snelling's A View of the Silver Coin and Coinage of England, 1762

We have more names of moneyers and towns of this king's, than of any since the Conqueror, several of the first coinage have the letters B. FR. L. M. T. after the moneyers name, but the meaning of the letters is not clear, but we think that opinion which supposes they are initials of the moneyer's surname, is strengthened by No. 39. which has the surname of CHIC at length on it. No. 40. is singular in having OF instead of ON, and is the only Coin we remember to have seen with it.

Henry III Names of Moneyers
Abel Adam Aimer Aimes Alain Alein Alenre Alifand Allen Allwine
Alwine Andrew Arnaud And Bartelme Beneit Caldwine Colwein Colwine Davi
Davion Docelm Eadmund Edmund Edrich Einadi Elis Ernaud Everard Filemer
Fimer Fulre Gefard Gefrei Gerard Giffrei Gifre Gicelm Gilbert Goldwin
Goldwine Halli Helis Henry Hernand Hub Hue Hugo Hugon Hunfrei
Jacob Jefrei Jeremiah Ilgar Ilger Joa Joan Joan Chic Jonas Job
Joh Johan Johan B Johan M Johan FR John Jonas Johs Jolie Jon
Jonons Ifac Jurden Lenolf Lucas Meinir Melnir Miles M Nichole Nicol
Nicole Ofber Ofmund Ofnund Owein Paul Phelip Philip Philaimer Pieres
Piers Piers M Randul Rauf Reicu Reinald Renauld Renaud Rener Ricard T
Richard Roberd Robert Rodbert Roger T Roger Salemun Samuel Simon Simond
Simun Stivene Thomas Tomas Turril Vlerd Walter Wicion Willelm Willelm T
Willelm L Willem Willera

Henry III Names of Towns
Bruft Burft Ca Can Cant Canta Cante Canter Car Cardv
Cice Dur Ev Ever Everw Everwi Evi Ecce Ex Exc
Exce Glo Glouce Gloucet Hereof Lenc Linc Lincoln Lind Lu
Lun Lund Lunde Lunden Lundon Nic Nica Nicol No Nor
Nora Norha Northa NNor+t Norw Norwi Norwic Norwich Ocs Oxen
Oxene Oxon Oxonfo Ork Ro Ronce Rufa Rula Sadmund Sed'm
Sedmund Seinted Sented Tande Und W Wi Win Winc Wilt
Wilton Wirce Wiric

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