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Names of Moneyers and Towns

From Thomas Snelling's A View of the Silver Coin and Coinage of England, 1762

The inscriptions on the reverse is the name of the moneyer, or mint-master, and that of the place where coined, with the particle ON signifying IN or OF between them, as No. 9. Sideloc on Pell, No. 11. Ontheorn on Co; that is, Sideloc in Wells, Ontheorn in Colchester, &c.

William I and William II Moneyers
Aelffi Afarve Aglfine Alef Aleif Alfrad Aldpine Alefmer Aleftmaer Anderbode
Antholf Arthur Auderine Auine Beriteri Boda Bratmer Brintred Brentric Brumman
Brummic Bruntui But Ceoli Ceorl Ceati Cintfpine Colfpegen Cuiric Didric
Dilmun Dinnic Dunnic Dor Durcgrim Driman Eadpi Eadpine Eadpeard Edpi
Elffi Eorpine Efderne Folgard Forna Gifpard Godi Godic Godric Godrici
Godpi Godpine Goldman Goldpine Guthrien Hargod Harmil Hufpal Jecelbrent Jedgpord
Jegelbrht Jegelric Jefthn Leigten Leofpine Lifpine Lufred Man Manna Marepil
Munpine Murfin Od Odbeurn Odthnorin Onthreorn Opitrern Ordpi Orgur Ofberth
Ofpold Oter Outhreorn Refpine Roger Rosfetel Rulepi Rulfspi Sdrott Sefparth
Segparth Segpine Sepi Sepine Sideloc Sidemin Siferth Siepine Sipioe Sifred
Sipord Speatlinc Spentline Spott Spttine Sprtic Stiepin Theolric Theodred Threorn
Thorn Thorftan Ulfiel Ulfri Pelfpine Petpi Pimer Pinfpine Pine Pinthborne
Pinuric Pujerered Pulfpord Pulfred Pulfgmet Pulfmaer Pulfmer Pulfpi Pulfpic Pulfpini
Pulfric Pulfspi
William I and William II Names of Towns
Ae Aefh Aeft Bric Bricstow Brigetfo Brigftfo Ca Can Cant
Cantu Cantui Canerbir Cnt Cntle Cati Co Col Dou Dori
Dorces Elrpic Eof Eofe Eofer Eofr Exce Exceer Excer Execes
Exeter Gepi Gi Gif Giflle Gip Gipe Glci Glouces Hardfrd
Here Herefor Hreli Hunten Je Jex Jexce Jexfe Jexfei Jexec
Jexeci Lepi Licae Liepen Linco Lincol Lincoln Lini Lofec Loync
Londini Lun Lund Lunde Lundei Lundene Lundne Lundnei Lundnde Lundnen
Luned Luni Ludeie Lyndr Maint Meigt Mifgt Morp Ox Oxen
Oxenefo Oxnef Oxnei Orthpi Orthri Ric Ricom Rltune Rofi Rufei
Shaeftifbir Sced Shiefe Shine Sinfl Snotin Snottin Stan Stotic Su
Sud Suel Suthbi Sutheper Suthri Suterk Tan Tant Tanu Thiotford
Thofred Palice Pell Perni Pi Pin Pinc Pinire Pinre Pltune

Matrix of English Monarchs and Coins

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