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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Sole Monarchs of England - Charles I, Pound and Half-Pound

Table of Contents

Charles I., 1625-1649.
Pounds and Half-Pounds

Of this declaration type are some large pieces of the value of a pound, and a half pound, marked respectively with the figures XX and X, and of each of these there are several varieties; the king's titles being generally expressed at greater length upon the pound pieces than the others. This is the only reign in which silver money of these denominations were ever struck.

Pound Pieces:

  1. MM. five pellets; plume behind the king, no ground under the horse. MAG. BRIT. 1642. MB. Rud. xxiii. 2. Sn. xii. 15. good work.
  2. MM. on obv. Plume ? arms under horse, MAG. BRITAN. 1642. MB. Horse smaller, inferior work.
  3. Very similar, but more ground and more arms MAGNI BRITANI. Obv. MM. Plume, 1642. MB.
  4. Similar to No. 3, but a cannon amongst the arms, 1642. MB. Rud. xxiii. 1. Sn. xii. 16. In this latter plate the obv. MM. and two of the plumes are by mistake omitted.
  5. Similar, but exergue, under the arms, chequered, MAGNI. BRIT. 1642. MB.
  6. One of similar type, but the horse larger and of very superior workmanship, with the arms better defined, and reaching quite to the inner circle, MAG. BRIT. 1642. MB.
  7. Similar to the last, the obverse indeed from the same die, dated 1643. Sn. xii. 17.
  8. Obv. same die as No. 4. dated 1643. MB.
  9. Obv. same as No. 6 and 7, but, perhaps, of still superior workmanship. The reverse has the inscription within a compartment, with a plume and XX over it; 1644 and OX below. Rud. xxiii. 3. Sn. xii. 18. MB.
It is remarkable that upon three different dies, No. 3, 4, 5, MAGNI is erroneously written for MAGNAE.


  1. MM. nine pellets, no ground under the horse, which is from the same punch as the pound No. 1. very rare. Sn. xii. 13. MB.
  2. No MM. a single line under the horse which is like the pound No. 2. See Rud. xxiii. 5. MB.
  3. Arms on ground under the horse, MM. Plume, 1642. MB.
  4. Similar to last, but no plume behind the king, 1642. MB.
  5. Same obv. die as No. 3, but dated 1643. Rud. xxiii. 4. Sn. xii. 14. MB.
  6. Under the denomination of half-pound must be classed a piece of equal weight with the above, struck upon thick metal, with the Exeter type; the obverse indeed is from the die of the Exeter crown No. 1, the reverse is similar but without date. MB.

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