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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Sole Monarchs of England - Eadweard the Elder

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Eadweard, the Elder, 901 to 925.

Eadweard succeeded his farther Aelfred in 901 and died in 925. His coins are very numerous, about 80 variations of moneyers' names occurring upon them. The king's name is usually spelt EADVVEARD but is occasionally blundered; the Saxon P sometimes appears but not in his name. He is merely styled Rex. No place of mintage is mentioned. His pennies are of good silver and weigh about 24 gr.; some specimens exceed this, and a very few fall some grains short: all are rare, especially those with the head, hand, buildings or ornaments. His halfpence, or perhaps thirds of pennies, for such coins are mentioned in Aelfred's laws, weigh from 7 to 9 grains; but the specimens of these coins are too few to afford a fair estimate of average weight, two only being known. The types of his money are,
  1. The king's head to the left. Rev. the moneyer's name in two lines decorated with pellets and crosses. (179). Rud. xvi. 1-4. MB. 10.
  2. King's head to right. Rev. same as preceding. Rud. xvi. 5. C. 18. MB. 1. This last and some of the former type are rude, and the legends entirely unintelligible.
  3. Small cross. Rev. same as preceding. Rud xvi. 7, 28. xvii. 29, 30. MB. 23.
  4. Rev. moneyer's name with foliage, &c. (180). Rud. xvi. 8-15. D. 27. MB. 6.
  5. Rev. bird, &c. Rud. xvi. 16.
  6. Rev. building and moneyer's name. (181). Rud. xvi. 17-22. MB. 3.
  7. Rev. a hand and moneyer's name. (182). Rud. xvi. 25-27. MB 3.
  8. Moneyer's name in one line. Rud. xvi. 23, 24. MB. 2.
  9. Cross upon a cross moline, both decorated; an annulet in the center. Rev. moneyer's name in two lines, with crosses, annulets, &c. Rud. xvi. 6. MB. 2.
The type of his halfpenny is exactly like that of his penny. No. 3. (183). Rud. xvii. 31, 32. MB. 1. The other is in the Bodleian Library.

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