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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
East Angles - Beonna and Ethelred

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East Angles.
Beonna, about 750.

the earliest king of this district, to whom any coins are assigned, is Beonna, who was cotemporary with Offa. He is called Beorn, and by some Humbeanna, while others suppose them to be two different persons. His coins are extremely rare, of silver, and of the form, size and appearance of sceattae, one moneyer alone EFE is at present known. The king's name is sometimes written in Roman characters, Rud. ix. 1. or in runic characters, (88), Rud. ix. 2. A specimen of this is in the collection of the Rev. Mr. Dymock. The type of the obverse is an annulet inclosing a pellet, Rev. a cross within a square. The Hunterian Museum contains one of each description, one weight 15 ½ gr.

Beonna and Ethelred,

"Cotemporary with Offa, Beorn reigned in East Anglia, after him Ethelred, who had by his Queen, Leofruna, Agilbrictus," so says Al. Bev. P. 881, quoted by palgrave, p. ccxcix. There cannot be any doubt respecting the join claim of Beonna and Ethelred to the unique penny in the British Museum (89), which is an interesting historical document, as it seems to prove that Ethelred was at one time join occupier with Beonna of the throne, to the whole of which he afterwards succeeded; it reads ETHELRED RE the type being the front of a temple: Rev. BEORN RE, a cross with a pellet in each angle. The front of a temple was a frequent type upon Roman coins, and continued very long in use upon coins on the continent; this is the only instance of it upon any English coin. A memorandum attached to the coin in the Museum states it to have been found in Seafield churchyard; there must be some mistake in the name, as no such place as Seafield can be found.

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