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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
East Angles - Ethelstan

Table of Contents

Ethelstan, 870 to 890.

After the death of St. Eadmund, Guthrum, a Dane, was placed upon the throne, and, having afterwards been converted to Christianity, was baptized in 878 by the name of Ethelstan. His coins are all pennies, and are rare; as they all bear the symbol of Christianity and the new name which he assumed at his baptism, they must have been struck after this year. His name is spelt Ethilstan and Ethelstan, and generally occurs upon his coins without any title, but sometimes with Re or Rex, sometimes with only l or the saxon P, but whether these letters have any intended meaning is uncertain. On one coin which is very rare (98) Rud. ix. 8. REX ANG appears on the reverse, instead of the moneyer's name. On another, Rud. ix. 5, his name reads backwards; and on another his name occurs on both sides. Twelve names of his moneyers are known, but no place of mintage is mentioned. The average weight of his coins at present is about 20 gr. The types of his coins are,
  1. The letter A. Rev. cross with a pellet in each angle, Rud. ix. 2, 3, 4, 5. MB. 3.
  2. Rev. an annulet inclosing a pellet, (96), Rud. ix. 1. MB. 2.
  3. Rev. cross potent upon another cross, f. 6. MB. 1.
  4. Rev. the Saxon M (98) Rud. ix. 7. MB. 1.
  5. A cross potent on each side, f. 8. MB. 1.
  6. A similar cross with a pellet in each angle, (97), Rud. ix. 9. MB. 2.
  7. Same with a wedge in each angle, Rud. ix. 10. MB. 1
Combe, in a MS list, mentions a reverse of MON MONETA in three lines, but does not state in what cabinet, and it is not now known. TVDVPINE and EDILHELM, moneyers not in Ruding, occur on coins in Mr Cuff's collection.

One king only after Ethelstan governed East Anglia as a separate kingdom, he was Eohric and reigned fourteen years, when he was expelled by his subjects, and his dominions added to those of Eadward the elder. No coins of his are known.

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