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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Sole Monarchs of England - Edward II

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Edward II., 1307 to 1327.

During the reign of Edward II. the coinage remained of the same weight, standard, and type as that of his father; the legends vary, and there are some distinguishing mint marks. The king is styled EDWA, EDWAR or EDWARD, and his titles, of king of England and lord of Ireland, are added, with some variations; the usual form being R. ANGL DNS HYB. The following variations occur, but very rarely: REX, &c. ANGL. R. &c. REX ANGLIE DN HYB. There are numerous and various marks of dots, and occasionally blunders upon the coins, which, as they do not seem to be more than accidental, need not be noticed here. Vid. Archaeologia, vol. xxiv. His coins in general are not uncommon; those with peculiar marks are most so. His pennies are struck at London. Rud. Sup. i. 35. MB. 4. Canterbury. Rud. iii. 4. drapery erroneously omitted. MB. 3. Berwick. MB. 1. Durham. Sup. i. 21. Sup. 2. i. 30, 31. MB. 7. See also Rud. Sup. ii. 8, and Sn. ii. 9, incorrectly represented, the drapery being omitted. St. Edmunds. MB. 2. Newcastle. MB. 1. York. MB. 2.

As Rud. Sup. i. 22. has not any reverse, it cannot be assigned to any particular mint. The Durham pennies have various mint marks, indicating the bishops in whose time they were struck. The cross moline, by Bishop Beck who died 1310. Rud. Sup. 2. i. 28. MB. 1. One limb of the cross upon the reverse bent to the left like the head of a crozier, by Bishop Kellow from 1310 to 1316. Rud. Sup. 2. i. 29. MB. 1. Lion rampant with sometimes one or more fleurs de lis, by Bishop Beaumont 1316 to 1333. Rud. Sup. i. 21. Sup. 2. i. 30, 31. Sn. ii. 8. MB. 2. One Durham coin has in the centre of the cross an open square inclusing (a small crown?)--(302). MB 1. In Rud. Sup. i. 24. is the reverse of a Durham penny with a cross patee in one quarter; we have not seen this coin, and suspect that the cross ought to be moline like Sup. 2. i. 25., and therefore struck by Bishop Beck in the time of Edward I. In this plate are several reverses without obverses, as 20, 23 to 31., all of which we have assigned to Edward I. The York pennies have sometimes a quatrefoil in the cross of the reverse. Sup. 2. i. 32 One has three dots in one quarter with the pellets. (303.) MB. 1. Halfpennies of Edward II. are very rare, perhaps not distinguishable from those of the other Edwards. One struck at Berwick reads EDWA. R. ANGL DNS HI (306). MB One struck at London EDWAR R ANGL DNS HYB. (304). MB. Both are of the common type without any peculiarities.

The farthings are not to be distinguished from those of Edward I. or III. Mr. Cuff has one which reads EDWARDVS REX. Rev. VILLA BEREWICI. (305). weighing 5 ½ gr., and which so much resembles a penny of the same place, reading EDWA, that he ascribes it to Edward II.

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