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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Sole Monarchs of England - Henry VIII, Fifth Coinage

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Henry VIII., 1509 to 1547.
Fifth Coinage

The FIFTH coinage, or that of his 37th year. The shilling of this very base coinage resembles those of his 34th and 36th years. MM. on one or both sides, annulet inclosing a pellet, leg. POSVI &c. MB. One, with MM. S? on the obverse, and E on the reverse, has legend CIVITAS LONDON with ornament exactly like that of his 36th year. MB.

The London groat of this year has the small head, with probably the falling collar, no MM. Rev. shield and cross with an annulet in the forks, leg. REDDE CVIQVE QVOD SVVM EST. or MM. a bow. Rud. viii. 12. MB. or obv. MM. bow. Rev. MM. a picklock. Sn. iii. 46.

The Bristol groat has mantled bust, no MM. Rev. cinquefoil and pierced cross between CIVITAS and BRISTOLIE. MM. WS in monogram: small annulet in forks of cross. MB.

The Canterbury groat has mantled bust, no MM. Rev. annulet in forks of cross. MB. or MM. lis; pierced cross before and after each word of the legend. MB. The Museum specimen is counter marked with a lis within an oval border. Others have the falling collar, no MM. and half a rose in the forks of the cross. MB.

The Rev. E. J. Shepherd mentions having seen a groat certainly of this year, with the legend of the earlier coinages, POSVI &c.

The base half groats, which we have met with, appear to belong to this year. The London ones have the mantled bust, the legend CIVITAS LONDON, sometimes no MM. MB. or. MM. the letter E. with a pierced cross before and after the legend. MB. or two such crosses between CIVITAS and LONDON. MB. Rev. E . J. SHEPHERD.

The Canterbury half groat has the mantled bust, no MM. or any object in the forks of cross. MB.

The York half groat has also the mantled bust, no MM. or object in forks of cross. MB.

Mr. Shepherd also mentions a half groat of this year with the POSVI legend, and bust in a royal mantle; MM. uncertain.

In the collection of the Rev. J. Martin is the half groat with rev. legend REDD. CVIQ QD SVVM EST. (410).

The pennies of this coinage appear to have been struck at London, Canterbury and York.

The London penny resembles that of this 34th year, but has on the reverse a MM. perhaps the letter E. MB. Another, probably unique, in very bad state, appears to have an arrow for MM. The legend of the reverse is RED. CVIQ Q: SV EST. (411). MB.

The Canterbury pennies have the common type and legends without MM. MB. One commences the legend of the reverse at the side instead of, as usual, at the top. MB. One has the three quarter face, plain mantle and falling collar. MM., if any, obliterated. Rev. CIVITAS CANTOR, no MM. MB.

The York penny has also the common type without any MM. or other peculiarity; the MB. one has the three quarter face, plain mantle and falling collar: they read EBORACI. MB.

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