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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Kings of Mercia

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Egcberht, 796.

Egcberht, the son of Offa, is said to have been anointed king during the lifetime of his father, whom he did not survive more than six months. Short as was his reign, there are pennies in existence, which, bearing his name, having the same moneyers as Offa, and resembling his father's coins in type and character, cannot be attributed to any other prince.

His coins have, for legend on the obverse, his name only, the monogram of his title, within a circle, forming the type: his reverses are, the moneyer's name written across between two lines of ornament, Rud. v. 2. HUNTER. or a mascle with a cross projecting from each corner, with the moneyer's name as legend (69) rud v. 1. HUNTER. CUFF. These reverses closely resemble those which the same moneyer Babba placed upon some of the coins of his father, see Rud. v. 25, 30, 31. Two only of his moneyers are known. His coins weight about 17 gr. and are very rare.

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