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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Mint Marks - Edward I and Edward II

Table of Contents

Edward I.

Upon the regal coins of this reign we do not find any thing which usually receives the name of mint mark, but we fancy we can distinguish three separate coinages which may be known by
  1. A large cross, having a long line at the termination of each limb. p. 93.
  2. A smaller compact cross. p. 93.
  3. A similar cross, with a star upon the king's breast. p. 93.
And upon some coins there is a rose upon the king's breast. p. 94. (292).

Some Berwick coins have a bear's head in one quarter of the cross, in allusion to the arms and name of the place. p. 94. 95. 96. (291).

The episcopal coins of Durham have a cross moline, the arms of Bishop Beck in one quarter, or sometimes the same object as MM. p. 94.

Reading coins have in one quarter an escallop shell, from the arms of the abbey in that town. p. 94.

York coins have generally an open quatrefoil in the centre of the reverse, and sometimes a cross on the king's breast p. 95.

Edward II.

London. No mint mark.

Durham. Cross moline, arms of Bishop Beck. p. 97.
Cross termination of cross bent to the left. Bp. Kellow. p. 97.
Lion rampant and one or more lis, arms of Bp. Beaumont. p. 97.
Open square in middle of reverse. p. 97. (302).

York. Three dots with pellets in one quarter. p. 97. (303).

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