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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Northumberland - Alchred and Elfwald

Table of Contents

Alchred, 765 to 774.

Another of the coins, formerly attributed to Ecgberht of Kent, and bearing the name of a supposed moneyer ALCHRED, we have transferred to the Northumbrian king of that name. The type is exactly the same as those of Eadberht, an animal on one side, the king's name on the other (105) MB. Rud. iii. 7. v. r. Ruding mentions Alchired amongst the supposed moneyers, upon what authority he does not state; but we have not seen any such name, and we feel persuaded that the name is really Alchred, misread or miswritten.

Elfwald, 779 to 788.

In the list of Northumbrian kings of this period we find the name Elfwald, and to him we are disposed to attribute three coins of various readings, all evidently corrupt and therefore needing correction, and all more easily-resolvable into that name than any other. One is in the collection of Mr. Cuff it reads ELFVALV [F and L upside down] (106), another belongs to Mr. Brummell, it reads VALDFELA [F and E upside down], one half of this word is upside down and reads backwards; let us begin at the right and read half the word, ALEF, let us then take the other half VALD, and we have altogether ALEFVALD, (107), weight 17 ½ gr. The third is in the British Museum, and is more difficult than either of the others to be bent into the desired form, and the difficulty is increased by the defect of two of the letters; for the irregular arrangement of letters upon such coins prevents us from positively asserting, whether the portion visible be the side or the bottom of a letter. It seems to read thus =EVALDAS [SADL upside down]. There is no cross or mark to indicate the commencement of the word, all that seems certain is that VALD is the termination of the name; but whether the two last letters, as we have placed them, be intended for a Latin termination VS, or whether they are the commencement of the word VS or AS=EVALD, is very uncertain (108). Read them as we may, they do not present, without correction, any name, royal or otherwise, with which we are acquainted. Knowing them the licence used, and the blunders committed, in writing Northumbrian names upon coins, we are disposed to consider that Elfwald may be the person here intended.

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