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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Northumberland - Redulf and Osbercht

Table of Contents

Redulf, 844.

In the year 844 AEthelred was expelled from his thron, which was usurped by Redulf, and held only a few months, when he was defeated and slain, and AEthelred was reinstated. During the short period of his reign, Redulf contrived to strike some coins, all of which are stycas of the usual base metal; and rare, though about a dozen moneyers' names are recorded. The types of his coins are all crosses or pellets variously disposed (124). Archaeol. vol. xxv. pl. lii. Rud. xi. xxvii. MB. 37. The form of the h in the name of Cuthberht is peculiar, and scarely (sic) to be found but upon the coins of Eadberht, see (103) (104).

Osbercht, 848 to 867.

Osbercht succeeded to the throne upon the death of AEthelred, was banished in 862, restored in 867 to share the throne with Ella or AElla. Both were lane in battle that same year. His coins are all stycas, very rare, and have the common types of crosses, pellets, &c. Five variations of moneyers' names are all which are known (125). Rud. xi. xxvii. MB. 11.

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