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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Sole Monarchs of England - Richard II

Table of Contents

Richard II., 1377 to 1399.

The coins of Richard II. resemble those of his predecessors in type and standard; they consist of groats, half-groats, pennies, half-pennies and farthings. The weight of the penny is 18 grains the same as the last coinage of Edward III.

Groat: None struck but in London: RICARD DI or DEI GRA REX ANGL Z FRANC or FRANCIE. (316). Rud. iv. 1. Sn. ii. 20. There are three distinct styles of heads of Richard II. one like that of Edward III. another like that of Henry IV. and one intermediate, rare.

Half-groat: None but London: RICARD DI GRA REX ANGLIE. Rud. iv. 3. Sn. ii. 19. MB. 2. D. G. REX ANGL Z FRA. (317). MB. DI. G. REX ANGL Z FRANC. Rud. iv. 2. MM. always a cross, sometimes very small, all rare.

Penny: London: RICARD REX ANGL Z FRAC. Rud. iv. 4. RICARDVS REX ANGLIE Lis on king's breast, pellet at each side of king's neck. Rud. S. ii. 12.

York: RICARDVS REX ANGLIE--MM. cross. cross before CIVITAS. MB. 2. ANGIE--MM. cross. cross on king's breast, pellet above each shoulder, cross? before CIVITAS, two small additional pellets in first quarter. (319.) MB.--ANGL Z FRA cross on breast. RICARD REX scallop after CIVITAS. FRAN and, perhaps, after EBORACI. Without cross on breast, but cross after CIVITAS and EBORACI. Rud. iv. 5. Similar but cross on breast. MB. ANGLIE. Sn. ii. 18.

Durham: RICARDVS REX ANGLIE, cross on king's breast, DVNOLM. (318.) Rev. E. J. SHEPHERD, rare.

Halfpenny: London: RICARD REX ANG. (320). MB. ANGL. MB. Rud. iv. 6. Sometimes a cross on king's breast. MB. or ANGLIE. Sn. ii. 17. MB. the Museum coin has no MM. but two small crosses after each word.

Farthing: London: Style same as halfpenny with ANGL. (322.) Rud. iv. 7. Sn. ii. 16. MB. v. r. A piece, has a small rose, instead of three pellets, in each quarter of reverse. (321). Rud. Sup. i. 39. MB. ext. rare..

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