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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841

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It is natural to suppose, that, when the Roman power had become established in Britain, the ordinary money of that empire would form the general circulation of this country, and that British money would be for the most part, if not entirely, superseded. Gildas asserts that an edict was actually issued and enforced, ordaining that all money current in this island should bear the image and superscription of the Roman emperor, and the circumstance of Roman coins being almost daily turned up in every part of the country amply confirms his statement. It is quite unnecessary to enter here into any description of that money, as it is perfectly well known to every one, and numerous treatises and descriptions of them hae been published in all languages. Capt. Smyth's Descriptive Catalogue, Akerman's Descriptive Catalogue, his Numismatic Manual, and his Coins of the Romans Relative to Britain, may all be consulted upon this subject with pleasure and profit.

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