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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Saints - Martin and Edmund

Table of Contents

Saint Martin.

Of Saint Martin's pennies nothing more is known than the specimens here described can tell; viz. that they bear the name of St Martin and the city of Lincoln, LINCOIA CIVIT, where they were struck about the same time probably as those of St. Peter and of Eric, having the sword lying across the field, as upon those pieces. The reverse consists of a cross with a cruciform compartment. (138). Rud. xii. MB. 1. Wt. 17 5/10. The only other known specimen was purchased at Mr. Hollis's sale for 3..3s, for Mr. Dimsdale, at whose sale it was purchased for 3..6s. by Mr. Rich, from whom it passed to its present possessor Mr. Cuff. It differs from the above only in the reading INCOIA CIVT.

Saint Edmund.

Edward the confessor granted, in 1066, a mint to the Abbot of St. Edmundsbury, but it is not clear that one had not been established there before; indeed the pennies, bearing the name of Eadmund, and supposed to have been struck there, are of a date anterior, at least as early as those of St. Peter and St. Martin, or about 950. The type upon all is much the same; the letter A on one side; a cross on the other. The saint's name varies from SC EAD. to SCE EADMVND REX. A moneyer's name appears on each reverse, but no place of mintage, because, as is supposed, that was sufficiently indicated by the name of the saint. (139). Rud. xii. 1-6 D. 23. MB. 10.

*** While this sheet is actually in the press a few coins have appeared, part of a large parcel which has been discovered in Cuerdale, Lancashire. They consist chiefly of the coins of Charles the Bald, Alfred, and St. Edmund, proving the correctness of the conjecture respecting the date of those pieces. Among them is a halfpenny of St. Edmund, of which we here give an impression from the coin itself.

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