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Photo Courtesy of the Worthing Museum

#20 - Valentinian III AV Solidus (439-455AD) variant of RIC 3714

  • Obverse: Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of Valentinian III right, being crowned from above by the hand of God. Legend and bust enclosed within wreath around edge of coin.
  • Reverse: Emperor standing facing, holding long cross and being crowned with an open wreath by a more-natural Victory on globe held in left hand. Places right foot on head of human-headed serpent with a closed(?) coil. Pellet in top field between cross and right side of emperor's head.
  • The inventory for the Patching Hoard lists this as RIC 3714 and the footnote states 'But crowned by the hand of God' 3714 is already with the hand of God, making this coin not a variant in that regard. However, Variety D (pellet in the reverse field) is not listed for 3714 so this coin is still to be considered a variant of 3714. Proper RIC citation would be: xxxx V4/D4h D

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