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26-Sep-13Undated Penny, Henry I, London mint, Sperling moneyer, Struck 1111
26-Sep-13Undated Penny, Henry I, Southwark mint, Ealger moneyer, Struck 1123-1125
26-Sep-13Undated Penny, Henry I
10-Sep-131562 Sixpence, Elizabeth I
10-Sep-131689 Half Crown, William and Mary
10-Sep-131711 Shilling, Anne
10-Sep-131746 Halfcrown, George II, LIMA
10-Sep-131758 Sixpence, George II
11-May-131826 Penny, George IV
11-May-131772 Halfpenny, George III
11-May-131757 Sixpence, George II
10-May-13Undated Groat, Henry VIII, York Mint, Wolsey
10-May-13Undated Shilling, Elizabeth I, woolpack mintmark
09-May-131900 Half Penny, Victoria
09-May-131919 Penny, George V
09-May-131937 Penny, George VI
09-May-131938 Half Penny, George VI
09-May-131940 Half Penny, George VI
11-Apr-13Undated Shilling, Charles I, anchor mintmark
11-Apr-13Undated Shilling, Charles I, triangle mintmark
07-Apr-13Undated Shilling, Charles I, harp mintmark
16-Mar-131819 Halfcrown, George III, small head
16-Mar-131825 Halfcrown, George IV
16-Mar-131859 Shilling, Victoria
14-Mar-13Undated Charles I shilling, York mint
14-Mar-13Undated Thirty Shillings (Halfcrown), Charles I
11-Mar-131882 Halfcrown, Victoria
11-Mar-131910 Halfcrown, Edward VII
02-Mar-13Undated Double Crown, Charles I, 1625, lis mintmark
02-Mar-13Undated Double Crown, Charles I, 1630-1631, plume mintmark
22-Feb-131854 Penny, Victoria
15-Feb-13Undated Penny, Edward IV, first reign, light coinage, Blunt at Whitton
15-Feb-13Undated Shilling, Charles I, 1625, lis mintmark
15-Feb-13Undated Penny, Edward I, Ireland, Dublin mint
13-Feb-13Undated shilling, Elizabeth I, first issue 1559-1560, lis mintmark
13-Feb-13Undated Shilling, Charles I, 1625, lis mintmark, slabbed by NGC at VF-25
24-Jan-13Undated Groat, Edward III
24-Jan-13Undated Groat, Henry VIII
10-Aug-12Undated Shilling, James I, 1605-1606 second coinage, third bust, rose mintmark
10-Aug-12Undated Shilling, James I, 1623-1624, third coinage, sixth bust, lis mintmark
01-Aug-12Undated Penny, Cnut, short cross, London mint and Eamund moneyer
01-Aug-12Undated Penny, William I, Bonet type, Thetford mint
01-Aug-12Undated Thirty Shillings (Halfcrown), Charles I, Falconers, 2nd Issue
31-Jul-12Undated Shilling 1551, Edward VI, VF, Fine silver issue, Y mintmark
31-Jul-121572 Sixpence, Elizabeth, Bust 4B, ermine mintmark
31-Jul-12Undated Ormonde Halfcrown, Charles I, 1643-1644
30-Jun-12Undated Shilling, James I, scallop mintmark
25-Jun-121643 Halfcrown, Charles I, Bristol mint
25-Jun-121555 Irish Shilling, Philip and Mary
25-Jun-121683 Irish copper Halfpenny, Charles II
21-Jun-121568 sixpence, Elizabeth I, first milled issue
21-Jun-12Undated halfcrown, Charles I, 1645, tower mint, eye mintmark
21-Jun-12Undated Charles I groat, Aberystwyth, NGC slabbed XF40
19-Jun-12Undated Charles I halfcrown, York mint
16-Apr-121703 Shilling, Anne, VIGO
13-Mar-121700 Sixpence, William III
13-Mar-121872 Shilling, Victoria
12-Mar-12Undated shilling, Elizabeth I, second issue 1560-1561, martlet mintmark
12-Mar-121653 Shilling, Commonwealth, 5.95 grams, sun mintmark
12-Mar-121689 Halfcrown, William and Mary, first busts, first crowned shield
27-Feb-121692/inverted 2 Crown, NGC slabbed VF35, ESC85, S3433
25-Feb-121671 Crown, Charles II, GVF, TERTIO, nice even toning, reverse stronger

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