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Euro Coins of the Republic of Portugal


In 2002 Portugal ceased using the Escudo as its monetary unit, and joined with the rest of the European nations in issuing a unified denomination known as the Euro. Denominations above 2 Euro carry designs unique to the country of issuance. For the lower denominations (1 and 2 Euro, and the fractions known as Euro Cents) the reverse is standard for all countries, but the obverse carries national designs.

The following table contains links to the various Euro coins issued by Portugal.

Links show image numbers:
0/6 6 coins with 0 images
2/8 8 coins with 2 images
All-4 4 coins all having images

Standard Euro (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 Euro Cent and 1 and 2 Euro (Base Metal) 5/8
5 Euro coins (Gold and Silver) 0/10
8 Euro coins (Gold and Silver) 0/20
10 Euro coins (Silver) 0/4

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