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The Dream World

While all of us have different minds and see things in different ways, there seem to be some things that are 'universal' when it comes to how our mind acts when the body is asleep.

These pages are an attempt to collect and report the types of imagery or events that are shared or common among people. This is not a dictionary of dreams and I do not subscribe to the notion that a certain symbol or item appearing in a dream signifies the same thing to everyone. Rather, I'm looking at events or concepts that seem to occur in the dreams of us all, or at least that are similar throughout a certain culture.

One of these that appears to be experienced by many people is the 'missing class' dream. I have had this dream on many occasions. It is not the same dream, but rather a concept or type of dream that occurs but in varied situations. Mine usually take the form of me realizing that I haven't been to class for most of the semester and worrying about whether or not I will be able to pass the class or an upcoming test.

Dream analysts could probably pose a myriad of ideas of what this symbolizes, ranging from feelings of inadequacy, lack of self-confidence, some childhood fear of a teacher, etc.

But this is really a simple one when you look at it. In our society, after our early years, most people spend a dozen to a dozen and a half years going to class. The brain becomes used to that as a norm. After graduation, however, you go off into life and usually cease going to classes. The brain knows why this is but, subconciously it is not used to it, and this occasionally manifests itself by becoming part of your dreams. Since you have not gone to class, your brain works this into the dream but with the twist that you should have been going and, since you haven't, you are falling behind. I stopped going to classes on a regular basis over a dozen years ago and this type of dream still crops up frequently.

The key to 'analyzing' your dreams is to look for things that are common. I'm not referring to dreams that repeat exactly but rather to ones that are different but contain similar threads or events or concepts.

Another event that seems to be universal is the dream where one is relieving himself or herself but never finds 'relief' the 'peeing dream'. This one is also easy to explain. It is a self-defense mechanism employed by the brain to keep you from certain disaster. In truth, you really do need to relieve yourself and your brain works this into a dream such that you find a place and begin to go. Since you aren't truly doing anything, the pressure never subsides so you feel like you still have to go and 'just keep peeing' This mechanism is not in place for younger kids, especially because at that age they do not seem to know the difference between the dream world and the real world. There are variations of this, for example, if the dreamer is one who has trouble doing this while people are watching, the dream may become one where the dreamer is continually being caught and thus never gets to the point of going.

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