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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Sole Monarchs of England - Aethelbald, Aethelbearht, and Aethelred

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AEthelbald, 855 to 860.

AEthelbald, the son of Ethelwlf, seized upon West Saxony in his father's life time, in 855, and held it till his own death in 860. The following coins Is given upon the authority of a plate engraved under the auspices of the notorious Mr. John White. Dr. Combe saw the coin in the collection of Mr. Austin, and was satisfied of its authenticity, it subsequently disappeared, and has not since been discovered. (168). Compare with Ethelwlf, Rud. xiv. 2. and AEthelbearht. (169).

AEthelbearht, 856 to 866.

AEthelbearht, second son of Ethelwlf, succeeded to Kent, &c. upon the death of his father in 856, and to West Saxony on the death of his brother in 860. His head appears upon all his coins, yet known, with the title of Rex; the types of the reverse are,
  1. The moneyer's name arranged within and between the arms of a cross. (169), Rud. xv. 1, 2. MB. 58. as those of Archbishop Ceolnoth and Ethelwlf. xiv. 2.
  2. An ornamented cross. (170) Rud. xv. 3. MB. 3. r.
Upon the latter type the head is rather less barbarous, and is decorated with a double fillet; while upon the others there are only one or two specimens which exhibit any, and those only slight, traces of any such ornament. About sixty variations of moneyers' names are known. Some weigh as much as 24 gr. the generality about 20.

AEthelred, 866 to 871.

Upon the death of AEthelbearht in 866 his children were deprived of their inheritance, and AEthelred, his brother, ascended the throne. His coins, which are not numerous, have on the obverse the king's head and titles; on the reverse the name of a moneyer, of whom about 13 varieties only are known, is inscribed in three lines with some ornamental mark or accompaniment, like those of Burgred king of Mercia. Rud. xv. 1-5. MB. 11. His coins are generally very light, and of impure silver, the very best of them scarcely reaching 20 gr.

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