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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Sole Monarchs of England - Ethelwlf

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Ethelwlf, 837 to 856.

Upon the death of Ecgbeorht in 837, his son Ethelwlf succeeded to his West Saxon dominions; but Kent, Essex, Sussex and Surrey fell to the share of AEthelstan, on whose death in 852 they reverted to Ethelwlf, who has consequently upon his coins sometimes merely the title REX, but sometimes REX CANT. SAXONIORUM or OCCIDENTALIVM SAXONIORUM, expressive of the different portions of the kingdom of which he successively became king. A moneyer's name generally appears upon the reverse, and of them above fifty variations are known. Canterbury is the only known mint of this king. Weight 22 gr. Ethelwlf died in 856. The types of his coins are,
  1. King's head to the right extending to outer edge encircled by a single fillet of pearls. Rev. moneyer's name within the arms and in the angles of a cross. Rud. xiv. 2. C. 16. D. 25, 26. MB. 15.
  2. Cross crosslet. Rud. xxx. 13. MB. 9.
  3. Cross crosslet, pellet in each angle. MB. 2.
  4. Cross, two arms moline, two patonce. xxviii. 3. MB. 1.
  5. Plain cross upon cross patonce. xxvii. 1. xxx. 9. MB. 5.
  6. Cross patonce upon cross botone. (161). Rud. xxx. 8. MB. 4.
  7. Cross patonce, pellet in each angle. xxx. 14. MB. 1.
  8. Cross of six limbs. xxx. 11. MB. 1.
  9. Monogram of Christ. (162). Rud. xxx. 12. MB. 1.
  10. Letter A. Rud. xiv. 1. xxx. 10. MB. 2.
  11. Head within inner circle. Rev. small cross. xxx. 15. MB. 2.
  12. Cross potent. xxvii. 2. RASHLEIGH.
  13. Plain cross upon cross patonce. Rev. cross crosslet. xiv. 3. MB. 4.
  14. Rev. cross two limbs moline, two patonce. (163) Rud. xv. 8. MB. 2.
  15. Rev. SAXONIORUM. legend, moneyer. (164), Rud. xv. 6. MB. 5.
  16. Similar, but legend OCCIDENTALIVM. (165), Rud. xv. 7. MB. 2. the obverse of this coin has a pellet at the end of each limb of the smaller cross.
  17. Rev. cross moline. xxx. 16. MB. 2.
  18. Rev. same as obverse. xxx. 18. MB. 1.
  19. Rev. cross upon cross botone. MB. 1.
  20. Rev. letter A. xxx. 17. MB. 3.
  21. DORIBI. Rev. CANT. (166) Rud. xxx. 20. MB. 18.
  22. Rev. Letter A. xxx. 21. MB. 1.
  23. CANT. Rev. cross with YΛNC in the angles. (167) Rud. xxx. 19. MB. 2. IOR which appears in the legend, after the word Moneta in Ruding's plate ought to be DOR for Dorobernia. The workmanship is extremely coarse upon all the coins of Ethelwlf.

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