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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Archibishops - Canterbury - Arthilheard and Vulfred

Table of Contents

AEthilheard, Abp. 790 to 803.

To Jaenbrht succeeded AEthilheard, who held the see till 803; he was consequently cotemporary with Offa and with Coenwlf, kings of Mercia; and both their names occur upon his coins, which are very rare. The types are,
  1. Cross crosslet, the prelate being styled AEDILHEARD PONT. Rev. OFFA REX Y in three lines. (141). Rud. xii. 1.
  2. EP for episcopus, the prefix AR being placed in the legend. Rev. a tribrach, with V and Y in two of the angles, the Y referring to Mercia, the V being an omitted letter in COENVLF REX which forms the legend. (142). Rud. xii. 2. MB. 1. This coin was bought at Mr. Hollis's sale for 15..15s. Compare it with Cuthred King of Kent (54), and Coenvulf of Mercia (75). Another has also the letter X in an angle of the tribrach, that letter having been omitted in the word Rex. Rud. xiii. 3. D. of DEVONSHIRE. In both coins the letter O in the king's name is part of the terminating curve of the tribrach.
  3. Obv. as the last. Rev. Y. Rud. xiii. 4.

Vulfred, 803 to 830.

Vulfred succeeded AEthilheard in 803, and upon his pennies omitted the name of the cotemporary king; placing his own name and front faced portrait upon the obverse, and the name of his moneyer or his metropolis upon the reverse. The types of the reverses are,
  1. A monogram probably meaning Doroberniae civitatis. Rud. xiii. 1. On this coin the bust extends to the outer circle. HUNTER. MB. 1. which was Mr. Tyssen's.
  2. Another, which was Mr. Hollis's, has the bust within the inner circle. (143). MB.
  3. Cross crosslet; legend Doroberniae civitatis. Rud. xiii. 2. PEMBROKE.
  4. Dorobernia civitas, in three lines. Rud. xiii. 3. Pegge's Plates. D. of DEVONSHIRE ?
  5. DRVR CITS; legend, moneyer's name. (144). MB. 1. purchased in 1836 for 6..6s. Mr. Luscombe has one. In Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, the bust is confined within the inner circle. All v. r.

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