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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Archbishops - Canterbury - Ceolnoth

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Ceolnoth, Abp. 830 to 870.

Theogild, the immediate successor of Vulfred, holding the See only three months, does not appear to have left any coins; but, of Ceolnoth, who was Archbishop from 830 to 870, there are several; and not less than twenty varieties of his moneyers' names are known. All his coins present his bust, name and title on one side; generally a front face; the profile very rarely; in both cases the bust extends to the outer circle. The name is spelt with an E or I, indifferently. His types are,
  1. Front face. Rev. like the coins of Ethelwlf and AEthelbearht, moneyer's name and title on the arms, and in the angles, of a cross. (145), Rud. xiii. 1. MB. 11. r.
  2. Rev. cross moline saltirewise, upon a mascle inclosing a plain cross. Rud. xiii. 2.
  3. Rev. cross with CI VI T AS in the angles, legend DOROVERNIA. F. 3. MB. 1. or for legend, the moneyer's name and title and place of mintage. (146) Rud. p. xiii. 4. and xxvii. v. r. MB. 1.
  4. Rev. Christian monogram, like Ethelwlf (162). Rud. xiii. 4, 5. C. 15. MB. 10.
  5. Rev. monogram, perhaps a contraction of Dorobernia civitas. (148), Rud. xiii. 7. C. 14. MB. 2.
  6. Rev. moneyer's name between the title, in two lines, within two semicircles, like Burgred (86). MB. 1. unique? of base silver.
  7. Profile face. Rev. same as No. 6. Rud. xiii. 8. MB. 1. unique?

Table of Contents
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