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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Sole Monarchs of England - Charles I, List of Mint Marks

Table of Contents

Charles I., 1625-1649.
List of Mint Marks

Of the coins of various denominations which are called, Uncertain, it will be seen that some are mere rude imitations of some of Tower mint coins, and have not any marks by which they may with probability be assigned to any particular local mint. Others have peculiar marks which seem to hold out a hope that they may be specifically appropriated: we have therefore annexed a tabular view of the marks which occur upon various denominations of uncertain coins; the figures referring to the No. of each denomination in our descriptions. The coins with MM. Helmet, Castle, and Lis, seem to have some connexion with each other; but the shields of half-crowns 11. and 12. resemble those of York, while the shields of groats 4. 5. 6. and 7. have the form peculiar to Worcester, districts so far apart as to throw great obscurity over the subject.

Annexed is Ruding's list of mint marks, many of which are derived from records of what was intended, but probably never carried into effect. A reference to the tabular view will explain how many of these marks we have met with, and upon what description of coins. We have prefixed a cross to those which we have not seen, and have added a few remarks inclosed within brackets. The figures after the denominations refer to our descriptions.

Briot's Work.

Rose. (not known.)
Anchor and small star.
Anemone flower and small B. F.
Small B. F.
Anemone flower and small B.
Rev. Small B.

Aberystwith Mint.

Open Book. ("Folkes, p. 83, says the open book MM. was used from Oct. 22, 1637, to July, 1641, and that it was afterwards resumed, 1643, on coins supposed to be struck at Oxford.")
Fleur de lis. ("Unknown whether used in this mint before July 10, or after the removal of the mint. Folkes, p. 83.")
Crown. ("Unknown whether used in this mint before July 10, or after the removal of the mint. Folkes, p. 83.")

York Mint.

Rose. ("Thus appropriated by Folkes, p. 90.") F. (Exeter.)
Fleur de lis. Rev. Lion. F. (uncertain.)

Oxford Mint.

Fleur de lis, 1644-5-6. (1644 and only on small money.)
Trefoil, 1644. (not known.)
BR. in cypher, 1643-5-6. (Bristol.)
A. 1645. (uncertain.)
B. 1646. (uncertain.)
Open book, F. S. (only on 6 and 3 pennies.)
Rose. ("On the Oxford Crown") F. (not known.)

Chester Mint.

Three Gerbs or Wheat Sheaves. F.

Exeter Mint.

Rose. ("On a half-crown of the exurgat money.") 1644-5.
Castle. 1645.
Castle. Rev. Rose. 1645.
Rose. Rev. Castle. 1645.

Worcester Mint.

Pear. Rev. Three pears.

First coinage. Square shield.

Fleur de lis.
Long cross. T.

Second coinage. Bust in robe.

Fleur de lis. 1625.
+ Cross on two steps.
+ Castle T.
+ Negro's head. T.
+ Anchor. T.

Third coinage. Long bust.

Long cross. 1626.
Negro's head. 1626-1627.
Castle. 1627.
Anchor. 1628.
Heart. 1629-30.
+ Fleur de lis. 1630.
+ St. George. 1630.

Fourth coinage. Oval shield.

Feathers. 1630.
Rose. 1631.

Fifth coinage. Short bust. <> Harp. 1632.
Portcullis. 1633.

Sixth coinage. Without trappings.

Bell. 1634.
Crown. 1635.
Ton. 1636.

Seventh coinage. Square shield.

Ton. 1638.
Anchor. 1638.
Triangle, or Delta. 1639.
Star. 1649.
Triangle in circle. 1641.
P in brackets. 1643.
R in brackets. 1644.
Eye. 1645.
Sun. 1645.
Sceptre. 1646. ("These dates are copied from Folkes, and refer to the different Trials of the Pix. See Pollet's Abstracts in the Appendix" (to Ruding.)"

Unknown Mints.

Cross. Rev. Harp. (Half-crown. No. 1. 2. 3. MB.)
Castle. Rev. Helmet.
Gauntlet on each side. (not known.)
Fleur de lis. Rev Helmet. (Half-crown. No. 11. 13. Shilling. No. 10. MB.)
Castle on each side. ("Another coin has two castles of a different form.")
Fleur de lis on each side. (Half-crown. 12. Shilling. 10? Threepence. 3.)
Fleur de lis. Rev. Lion. (Shilling. 21. MB. Groat. 7. and three-pence. 6.)
Martlet. Rev. Boar's head. ("Between a coronet and two small crosses. Folkes' Plates.")
Helmet on rev. (Half-crown. 10. 11. 13. Shill. 5. 6. 10. Groat. 4. 5.)
Castle. (Half-crown. 8. Shilling. 5. Sixpence. 2.)
Rose. Rev. Helmet. (Groat. 4. 5.)
Gauntlet on rev. only. (not known.)
Triangle in circle on each side.
Rose. (Half-crown. 21. Shill. 6. Sixp. 3. 4. Groats. 4. 5.)
Anchor on rev. only.
fleur de lis. (frequent.)
Fleur de lis on each side. (frequent.)
Rose on each side. (Sixpence. 3.)
Long cross on each side. (not known.)
Helmet, quatrefoil, or saltire, lion rampant, and eight pellets, on rev. only. (Folkes' Plates.) (Shilling. 5. 6. MB.)
Lions on rev. only. (Folkes' Plates.) (Half-crown. 5. MB.)
Cross crosslet pierced in the centre. (Folkes' Plates.)

F. Folke's Plates
S. Snelling
T. Tyssen's Sale Catalogue

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