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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Sole Monarchs of England - Charles I, Penny and Halfpenny

Table of Contents

Charles I., 1625-1649.

Rose on each side, MM. Lis. inner circle, C.D.G. ROSA SINE SPINA and IV THRONUM FIRMAT. (550). Sn. ix. 2. MB.

Similar, no inner circle. MM. Two pellets. Rud. xx. 5. MB. Another MM. one pellet. MB.

King's head, name at full length, and titles, like half-groat. MM. Plume, inner circle, IVSTITIA &c. Sn. ix. 8. MB. MM. Rose, no inner circle on rev. MB. 2. One of these coins is so ill struck, that it is difficult to say whether the obverse belongs to this or the next type: it is however the coin figured in Rud. Sup. v. 3. and the MM. is only a common rose without a stalk.

Similar to shilling type 3, shield between C. R. no inner circle. MM. Rose. IVSTITIA &c. Rud. Sup. vi. 2. Sn. xiv. 5. MB.

Like shilling 3 a, without the C. R. but garniture of shield a little different, no inner circle. MM. Portcullis or rose. MB. Obv. three pellets, Rev. one. MB. Obv. Harp. Sn. ix. 14. Obv. Portcullis, Rev. Harp. MB. The Portcullis MM. on the penny does not seem to have been known to Snelling.

Similar, but inner circle on obv. MM. Two pellets. MB. MM. Obv. one pellet. Rev. two pellets, no inner circle. MB. Two pellets on each side, no inner circle. MB. Obv. no MM. Rev. Two pellets. Rud. xx. 11. MB. One, with MM. two pellets? has the king's head peculiarly formed, from the same punch as the half-groat with the sun MM.

Ruding mentions the Triangle as the MM. of a penny; he probably meant the Portcullis which he has omitted. It will be perceived from the tabular view that this was the last mint mark which appeared upon a Tower penny.

Briot: Like the half-groat, but MM. a Pellet, FIRMAT &c. Rud. xxii. 13. Sn. x. 2. MB.

Similar, but legend commences with IVSTITIA. MB.

Aberystwith: Like half-groat, CARO. D .G. M B F ET H REX. MM. Book. Rud. xx. 20. Sn. x. 22. MB. Head and plume smaller, MM. Lis. CAROL &c. Rud. with mullet for MM. on rev. MB. (551). MM. Crown. Snelling MS. note. MM.? CARO. D. G. &c. head long, thin, plain falling collar, lion's head on shoulder. Rev. no MM. Sir H. ELLS.

Exeter: Similar to half-groat with the Rose type, THRO. IVS FIRMAT. 1644. (552). Rud. xxv. 12. Sn. xiii. 1. MB.

Oxford: Similar to half-groat. MM. Lis? or cross. 1644. (553). Rud. xxiv. 13. Sn. xi. 1. MB. ext. rare.

Bust with lion headed armour, CARO &c. MM. Lis. Rev. Plume. IVSTITIA &c. MM. Mullet. MB.


Rose on each side, no legend or MM. Rud. xx. 7. Sn. ix. 1. MB.

Rose. R. Plume. Aberystwith. (554). Rud. xx. 21. Sn. x. 21. MB.

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