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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Sole Monarchs of England - Charles I, Half-Groats

Table of Contents

Charles I., 1625-1649.

The earlier coinages of half-groat and smaller pieces vary from the larger denominations, both in type and legend; the later coinages only in the legend.

The first coinage has a rose crowned. C. D. G. ROSA SINE SPINA. Rev. A thistle crowned, TVEATVR VNITA DEVS. MM. Thistle on both sides. (545). MB. This coinage is given to Scotland by Cardonnel, but as within one week after the death of James I. a commission was granted to continue the coinage according to the last indentures made by that king, and as the above coin exactly resembles his half-groats, we consider it as belonging to the first English coinage of Charles I., and not merely a Scottish coin as hitherto supposed.

The second coinage has on each side a rose crowned, with legend onrev. IVS THRONVM FIRMAT or FERMAT. MM. on both sides, Lis. Sn. ix. 3. MB. Lis on obverse only. MB. Long cross. (546). MB. Plume, with inner circle, Rud. Sup. v. 1. Without inner circle. MB. Negro's head. MB. Anchor, Rud. xx. 4. MB.

The subsequent coinages have on the obv. the king's portrait with the name CARO, or, much more frequently, CAROLVS followed by his titles variously abbreviated; on the reverse IVSTITIA is at full length.

King's bust crowned, like shilling type 2 a, oval shield garnished as same type, but without the C. R. MM. Plume. Rud. Sup. v. 2. Sn. ix. 9. MB. Rose. MB.

Similar to shilling type 3, no inner circle. MM. Harp. Rud. xx. 10. MB. Portcullis. MB. Crown. MB.

Similar to shilling type 3 a. No inner circle. MM. Bell. MB. Crown. MB. Ton. MB. Anchor. Rud. Sup. v. 5. MB. 3. With inner circle. Triangle. MB. Star. MB. Triangle in circle. MB. R within brackets. MB. Sun. MB. 2. Sceptre. Sn. ix. 15. MB. Some pieces of the sun and sceptre MM. differ much from others of the same MM., and from all those of other MM., in having the form of the head much shorter and the countenance more aged; the inner circle is smaller, while the coins are somewhat larger.

Briot: Bust to the left, crowned, armour, lace collar, B underneath, MM. Lozenge. Rev. Square topped shield over a cross fourchy, no MM. Rud. xxii. 12. Sn. x. 1. MB.

Aberystwith: Obv. similar to shilling, but without the plume before the head. Rev. Plume IVSTITIA THRONVM FIRMAT. MM. on both sides, Book. Rud. xx. 19. Sn. x. 24. MB. MM. Crown, ICH DIEN incuse. ext. rare. (547). MB. MM. Cross. MB. MM. Lis. Rud. E. 10. MM. Pellet, 1646 at the sides of the plume. Rud. Sup. v. 6. Sn. x. 25. MB. All these have an inner circle on both sides. There are some, with MM. Book, without the inner circle on either side. MB. CUFF.

Exeter: Similar to shilling, but without date on obv. Leg. on rev. THRO IVSTI FIRMAT. 1644. Rud. xxv. 11. Sn. xiii. 3. MB. Both plates read IVS. Another coinage of this mint has for the reverse type a rose instead of a shield, same legend. Rud. xxv. 10. Sn. xiii. 2. MB.

Oxford: Like the shillings, but no plume before the face. MM. Lis ? R. 1644 OX. Rud. xxiv. 12. Sn. xi. 2. MB. 1644 omitting OX. MS. note of Mr. Tutet. MM. Book, plume before bust. Rev. no MM. 1644, legend begins at top. CUFF. This piece closely resembles the threepence, No. 1. i. e. Snell. xi. 4.

Bristol: Like groat, no MM. or date, BR under inscription. MB, but without the dots on each side of BR. as in the plates of Rud. Sup. v. 11. Sn. xi. 3.


  1. Bust to left, falling collar, CAROLVS D. G. MA B. F. IT H N. MM. Bell. Rev. oval shield as crown type 3. IVSTITN THROVM EIRMT. MM. Bell. MB.
  2. Type similar, different work. Bust like threepence, No. 3. armour marked with pellets, legend accurate; MM. Lis. CHRISTO &c. on reverse. MM. obliterated. (548.) MB.
  3. Similar to the last, but different work. Obv. MM. Lis. Rev. MM. Rose or Lis.
  4. Bust to left, crowned. Rev. square topped shield over cross, with attempt at CHRISTO &c. legend; most barbarous work, and called the blacksmith's. (549). MB.
  5. Imitation of Aberystwith half-groat, of the very rudest workmanship. MB.

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