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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Sole Monarchs of England - Charles I, Uncertain Shillings

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Charles I., 1625-1649.
Uncertain Shillings.

Uncertain Shillings:
  1. Declaration type, head nearly resembling that on the Bristol shillings, no plume in front. MM. Plume. (521). Rev. MM. A. and A. also under the date 1645. MB. Mr. Cuff has one without the MM. on the obv.
  2. Same as No. 1, but with plume before the face. MB. Rud. Sup. v. 13. Sn. xi. 34, but they describe the obv. MM. as a Negro's head, which we have never seen. We suspect the plates to have been taken from the Museum specimen, in which the MM. Plume being blundered has somewhat the appearance of a head.
  3. Obv. same as last, rev. dated 1646. Scroll ornament above inscription. MM. on both sides, Plume. Rud. xxiv. 4. Sn. xi. 35. MB.
  4. Obv. same dies as the Oxford shillings dated 1644. Rev. MM. obliterated, legend commences at side, date 1646, an annulet before and after each plume, and each figure, and three below the date. (525). MB.
  5. Bust to left, crowned, armour, plain collar, ribband and badge, no MM. Rev. Square shield, with castle above between C. R. MM. Helmet, ornamented cross, plume, and lion rampant. CHRISTO &c. Rud. Sup. v. 23. Sn. xiv. 11. (528).
  6. Similar, but Rose instead of Castle between C. R. DYMOCK..
  7. Somewhat similar but MM. on rev. boar's head; lion's paws at side and top of shield; C. R. and castle omitted. Rud. xxvi. 6. Sn. xiv. 10.
  8. Obv. same. Rev. Oval shield, with drapery garniture, like type 3. with harp MM., decorated with two lis; a star before and after AVSPICE. MM. Lion rampant and rose composed of dots. BERGNE.
  9. Obv. same die. Rev. shield similar to last; lozenge after each word of legend. MM. A leaf between two quatrefoils, each composed of dots. MB. A double struck specimen gives one of the quatrefoils the appearance of a rose composed of seven dots. Rud. E. 14. (529).
  10. Bust somewhat similar but much ruder. MM. Lis. Rev. MM. Helmet between two small lis and pellets. Oval shield, not crowned, like crown type 3. with ton MM. MB. This extremely resembles Rud. E. 11. the obv. appears to be from the same die; perhaps also the rev. for we are not sure that the MM. is correctly drawn. (530). The Mus. coin is damaged, and shews only one lis with rev. MM.
  11. Very similar to preceding, differing only, if the engraving Rud. E. 11. is correct, in having for MM. on rev. some round object and an ornamented cross.
  12. Very rude imitation of the Tower shilling with the anchor MM. but no cross under the shield. MB. See Rud. F. 1.
  13. Imitation of Tower shilling with Ton. MM. and the inner circle. MB.
  14. Another from different dies. BERGNE.
  15. Imitation of Tower shilling with triangle MM. The king's head broad. BERGNE.
  16. Somewhat similar but the triangle with the apex downwards, the king's head small. MB.
  17. Imitation of Tower shilling with crown. MM. Rud. E. 13.
  18. Imitation of Tower shilling with plume MM. the shield oval between C. R. MB.
  19. Similar to the Oxford type, dated 1642, (the 4 retrograde), the head imitated from the later York coins. MM. Plume. MB.
  20. Imitation of later York shillings with oval shield, crowned, and garnished with lion's skin, MM. on both sides, Lion. MB.
  21. Somewhat less like the later York head. MM. Lis. Rev. Oval shield like Tower type 3. MM. Lion. EBOR under shield. Rud. xxvi. 7. Sn. xiv. 3. MB.
  22. Mr. Tutet had a shilling reading CARTVS D. G. &c. square shield, over a cross, within the inner circle like type 4.

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