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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Sole Monarchs of England - Charles I, Sixpences

Table of Contents

Charles I., 1625-1649.

Tower Mint. Type 1. Same as shilling, type 1; over the shield, 1625. MM. Lis. Sn. ix. 4. MB. 4.

Type 1. a. Same as shilling. MM. Negro's head. 1626. Rud. xx. 1. Long cross. 1626. MB. Anchor. 1628. MB. Heart. 1629. MB. Heart. 1630. no cross under shield. Rud. xx. 3. MB. None of the sixpences from the Tower were dated after this year.

Type 2. a. Same as shilling. MM. Plume. Sn. ix. 10. MB.

Type 2. b. Same as Shilling. MM. Plume. MB. Rose. MB.

Type 3. Same as shilling. MM. Harp. Rud. xx. 8. MB. 3. Portcullis. MB.

Type 3. a. Same as shilling. MM. Bell. MB. Crown. MB. Ton. Rud. xx. 9. MB. 2.

Type 4. Same as shilling. MM. Ton. MB. Anchor. Rud. xx. 2. MB. 5. Triangle. MB. Star. MB. Triangle within circle. MB. These last three have the features sharper and more like type 3. a. Eye. MB. Sun. MB. Sceptre. Sn. ix. 16. MB. The busts upon these last do not extend below to touch the inner circle. The busts upon the sixpences of type 4. vary in the same manner as upon the shillings.

Briot: Same as shilling. MM. Flower and B. Rev. MM. B. MB. Without B. on reverse. Rud. xxi. 13. 14. Sn. x. 3. MB. 2. Same as shilling with MM. anchor. MB. B. under anchor on obv. Rud. xxii. 9. Sn. x. 7. Another with B. under anchor on both sides. MB. With mullet pierced under the anchor on the obverse. MB.

Aberystwith: Same as shilling, with inner circle on both sides. MB. On obverse only. MB. On neither. Rud. xx. 16. Sn. x. 30. MB. MM. Crown. Snelling MS. note.

Bristol: Similar to the later shillings. Bust small, plume before face. Rev. MM. BR. 1644. (531). Snell. xi. 21, but MM. omitted. MB. Like the early shillings, no MM. Rev. MM. BR. 1643. Legend, CHRISTO AVSPICE REGNO. Rud. Sup. v. 14. Snell. xi. 20. MB.

Exeter: Same as shilling with 16 44, and Rose in middle of date. Rud. xxv. 7. Sn. xiii. 7. MB. 1644. to the left of the MM. Rud. Sup. vi. 1. Sn. xiii. 6.

Oxford: Similar to shilling, but plume before face.--MM. Plume. 1642. Rud. xxiv. 5. MB.--MM. Book. 1642. MB.--MM. Book. 1643. xxiv. 6. MB. 2.--MM. Book. 1644. OX. (532). MB. See Snell. xi. 17. 18. 19. who has omitted the mint mark upon the obv. probably to adapt it to all three reverses.--No mint mark. 1645. Snell. xi. 22.

York: Similar to shilling. MM. Lion. Rev. Oval shield garnished, crowned. Rud. xxi. 7. Sn. x. 11. MB. Similar, but shield between C. R. crowned. Rud. xxi. 8. Sn. x. 12. MB.


  1. Similar to shillings of Oxford type. Plume before face. MM. B. Rev. 1646. Scroll ornament over inscription, no MM. (533). Rud. xxiv. 7. Snell. xi. 23. MB.
  2. Bust, left, crowned, armour, plain collar, ribband and badge, MM. Castle. Rev. Square shield with lion's paw at top and sides. MM. Three limbs of a cross, and a boar's head, a lis before and after AVSPICE. (534). Rud. xxvi. 8. Sn. xiv. 7. imperfectly drawn from a very defective specimen. MB.
  3. Bust same as type 2, a MM. Rose; from a Tower die. Rev. Oval shield, garnished, crowned, between C. R. MM. Rose. CVLTORES SVI DEVS PROTEGIT. MB. Rud. E. 12. The reverse is from the gold crown, vid. Rud. xiii. 6.
  4. Bust apparently in plain mantle, falling collar, rev. square shield over a cross fleury. MM. Rose. Sn. xiv. 6.

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