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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Sole Monarchs of England - Eadmund

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Eadmund, 941 to 946.

Eadmund succeeded his brother in 941. His coins were at one time confounded with those of Eadmund the Martyr, King of the East Angles. But upon comparing the bust of the king, the moneyers' names, the types, and character of the coins, with those of his immediate predecessor and successor, there will not be any difficulty in properly appropriating them. His style upon his coins is Rex or Rex Bri.; about 110 varieties of moneyers' names are known, but the place of mintage is, generally, omitted. The weight of his pennies is about 24 gr. Eadmund was assassinated in 946.

The types of his coins are very similar to those of AEthelstan.

  1. King's head, helmetted, crowned. Like AEthelstan, type 1. Rev. cross crosslet. (191). Rud. xviii. 1. MB. 1.
  2. King's head in low relief crowned. like AEthelstan's type 3. Rev. small cross. (192). Rud. xviii. 2, MB. 3.
  3. Small cross, or rosette of dots. Rev. moneyer's name in two lines, &c. like AEthelstan's type 4. (193). Rud. xviii. 4-13. xix. 14, 15. D. 31. MB. 50.
  4. Small cross. Rev. rosette. Rud. xviii. 3. MB. 1.
There are not any figures of buildings upon this king's coins as upon those of AEthelstan. Those which have the king's head are very rare.

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