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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Sole Monarchs of England - Eadred and Eadwig

Table of Contents

Eadred, 946 to 955.

Eadred succeeded his brother in 946 and reigned 9 years, dying in 955. He is styled Rex or Rex Anglorum, and, upon one coin which has been erroneously attributed to AEthelred, Rud. xv. 6, he is styled REX SAXORUM and is called ETHRED. In one instance, Rud. xix. 12, MON follows his name, probably by mistake, but possibly for monarcha. Norwich is the only ascertained mint on his coins, see (194), but perhaps AX upon one penny may mean Exeter. One coin in the Museum reads ALBERT ON AEMI. (195). This is not the known name of any place, it is possibly a blundered inscription. These three coins are of type No. 1. Nearly 120 variations of moneyers' names appear. Moneta, or some abbreviation of it, generally follows the moneyer's name. Though some of his coins reach 24 gr., the greater part of them fall nearly 2 gr. short of that weight. The types of his coins are like those of his predecessors.
  1. The king's head crowned. Rev. small cross. (194) (195). Rud. xix. 1-4. D. 32. MB. 7. r.
  2. Small cross with an occasional additional ornament. Rev. moneyer's name in two lines. (196). Rud. xix. 5-12, 14, 15, 17-20. xx. 21-23. xxviii. MB. 49.
  3. Rosette of dots, same reverse. xix. 16. MB. 1.
  4. Small cross. Rev. rosette of dots. Rud. xix. 13. MB. 1.

Eadwig. 955 to 959.

Eadwig, the son of Eadmund, succeeded his uncle in 955. His types are similar to those of his predecessors: a crowned head, reverse, a small cross. (197). Rud. xx. 1. HUNTER, unique? or a cross with the reverse of the moneyers' names disposed in one, two, or three lines. Rud. xx. 2-9. MB 15. r. in one case accompanied by a peculiar ornament. (198). Rud. xx. 10. MB 1. unique? He is simply styled Rex. Sometimes, but rarely, the name of the mint is mentioned; ten towns, and upwards of thiry variations of moneyers' names, occur. The Roman VV and the Saxon P are both occasionally used. The weight very rarely amounts to 24 gr.

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