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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Sole Monarchs of England - Harold I

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Harold I., 1035 to 1040.

Upon the death of Cnut, 1035, Harold, his son, became king of England and so continued till his death 1040, except that Harthacnut held Wessex for a part of this time, together with Denmark, which had been his original inheritance from his farthers. The coins of Harold are pennies. His style is R. RE. REX or REX with sometimes A or AN for Angliae. The mints as well as moneyers are mentioned on the coins, which are very light, rarely exceeding 18 gr. Upwards of fifty variations of moneyers' names are found upon them. The types of his coins are,
  1. The king's head to the left, filleted; no sceptre. Rev. a cross formed of four ovals issuing from a circular centre like those of Canute. (211). Rud. xxiv. 1-3. MB. 13. r.
  2. King's head to the left, sceptre. Rev. cross voided extending to the outer edge, a flower in each angle issuing from a compartment in the centre. (214). Rud. xxiv. 4. MB. 33.
  3. Similar, but profile to the right. Rud. xxviii. MARTIN, v. r.
  4. Similar head to No. 3. Rev. cross voided, within inner circle, annulet in the centre. MB. 1.

    This piece perhaps unique, was found in the Thames in 1838. It furnishes the name of a moneyer, LEIFINE, not included in Ruding's list.

  5. Head similar to No. 1, but robes more like the Roman paludamentum, HAREII RE. Rev. same as No. 4. OVTHNCAR ON LV. (215). MB. 1.

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