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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Sole Monarchs of England - Harthacnut

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Harthacnut, 1040 to 1042.

In 1040 Harthacnut was elected king of England upon the death of his brother. His cruelty made him hated, and his gluttony occasioned his death in 1042. His coins are pennies and are very rare. English and Danish coins both occur, and it is not always easy to assign to each kingdom its proper money, especially as there is a town in Denmark whose name, upon the coins, it is not possible to distinguish from London. His types are,
  1. The king's head to the right diademed. Rev. cross formed of four ovals issuing from a central circle. (216) Rud. xxiv. 1. MB. 2.
  2. The king's head to the left holding a sceptre. Rev. cross, voided, within inner circle; on it a square with a pellet at each corner. (217). Rud. xxiv. 2. 3. MB. 6.
  3. The king's head to the left, radiated crown, no sceptre. Rev. cross voided, terminating in three crescents, a pellet in the centre; over a four sided tressure with three pellets at each corner. (218). MB. 1.
  4. Similar to No. 3, omitting the foursided tressure on reverse. Rud. D. 42. Figg. 40 and 41, and E. 4. we do not deem to be English.
These are, perhaps, the only types of Harthacnut's coins which are certainly English; it is not therefore necessary to particularize others, until by further evidence it shall be ascertained which country they belong. He is merely styled Rex, without any notice of the kingdom over which he reigned. His coins are very rare; about a dozen moneyers are mentioned; but, as Ruding has unfortunately not mentioned the towns on which each moneyer's name occurs, we cannot be sure that they are all English. His coins rarely weigh more than 18 gr.

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