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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Kings of Kent
Ethilberht II. from 725 to 760.

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Kings of Kent
Ethilberht II. from 725 to 760.

Ethilberht II. and Edbert commenced a united reign in 725; but from 749 Ethilberht reigned alone; to him there is only one coin imputed, and the peculiarity of the type, combined with the general appearance of the workmanship, causes its genuineness to be more than suspected. It represents the King's head to the right with his name ETHILBERHT @@@; the Wolf suckling Romulus and Remus, with the title REX. (51), Rud. iii.

This coin, if genuine, would be in many respects remarkable; it would be the first instance, in the kingdom of Kent, of a coin of the denomination of the silver penny, which has continued in one unbroken series down to the present day; the sceatta now disappearing and the penny assuming its place. The type too is remarkable, being copied from a Roman coin, for what causes it is impossible to imagine. It would too be a proof, that, although the weight and form of Saxon and Roman monies did not agree, the Roman had still some influence in the decoration of the Saxon coin; its thinness, breadth, and flatness corresponding somewhat with the appearance of some of the silver coins of the lower empire.

This piece was bought by the British Museum at Mr. Barker's sale in 1803 for 1. 8. This price, for a unique coins, is a sufficient proof that collectors doubted its authenticity.

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