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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Kings of Kent
Eadbearht and Cuthred

Table of Contents

Eadbearht or Ethelberht, surnamed Praen, 794 to 798.

The coins of this king are pennies, having the king's name and title in three lines for the obverse, and on the other side the moneyer's name, written across the field with some accompanying ornament, (52) Rud. iii. 1. 2 and xxvi. MB. (1) v.r.

Only three moneyers' names are at present known. The name IAENBERHT upon the reverse of the coin represented, is that of a moneyer; the almost cotemporary Archbishop of Canterbury of the same name died in 790, four years before Eadbearht began to reign.

Cuthred, 798 to 805.

Cuthred is styled Rex, or Rex Cant. for Cantiae, Kent, upon the obverse of his coins; and a moneyer's name, of which five are known, is placed upon the reverse. All his coins are pennies, and of them there are four different types,

  1. The king's bust, to the right, diademed. Rev. Cross with a small wedge in each angle, or it may be described as a cross botone upon a cross patee. (53) Rud. iii. 1. 2. MB. 5. CUFF. 1. A single look at the diadem will shew that the costume, at least upon these, and many other early Saxon coins, was copied from those of the later Roman emperors, who held rule in Britain.
  2. Small cross with a pellet or small wedge in each angle. Rev. a tribrach, (54) Rud. iii. 3. and xxvi. MB. 1. EABA occurs as a moneyer upon a coin of type No. 1.
  3. A small tribrach, with a pellet in each angle, within a circle from whence project three arms, each terminating in an annulet. Rev. Similar, but without pellets, and the arms terminating like a Saxon Y. (55), Rud. iii. 4.
  4. Similar to No. 3, but a wedge instead of a pellet, in each angle of the tribrach; the arms, projecting from the circle, composed of dots and not terminating in annulets. Rev. a cross with a circle in the center, the arms terminating in a Saxon Y. D V D A in the angles (56) Rud. C. 1. CUFF. All these types are very rare, those with the head least so.

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