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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Kings of Mercia - Berhtulf

Table of Contents

Berhtulf, 839 to 852.

Though the reign of this king was scarcely so long as that of his predecessor, his pennies are much less rare, and as many as fifteen moneyers' names are known, but no places of mintage. His coins have generally his head on the obverse, his style being Rex with sometimes an M. added.

The reverses are,

  1. Cross crosslets, the center sometimes pierced with an annulet enclosing a pellet, Rud. vii. 3, 4, xxix. 23, 24. MB 9.
  2. Cross, two limbs potent, two crosslet, Rud. vii. 1, MB. 1.
  3. Cross potent, MB. 1.
  4. Cross moline, xxvii. 4. xxix. 22. MB. 1.
  5. Cross, two limbs crosslet, two molines vii. 2. MB. 2. Mr Dymock has a coin of this type with EADVALD written backwards.
  6. Cross, annulet in each angle, vii. 5. MB. 3.
  7. Cross, three pellets in one angle, one in each of the other three xxix. 25. MB. 1.
  8. Letter A. (82), Rud. xxvii. 2, 3, xxix. 20, 21. MB. 2.
  9. Long cross between letters T A the last letters of Moneta, (83) Rud. xxvii. 1.
  10. Annulet, whence issue 8 rays, a pellet between each, Rud. C. 10. CUFF.
  11. One without the king's head has for obverse, cross potent upon a plain cross. Rev. cross potent, (84), Rud. xxix. 26. CUFF.
  12. Obverse, Christian monogram. Rev. Saxon Y, (85), DYMOCK. No. 11 and 12 are at present unique, all the others are rare. The workmanship of all these coins is as bad as possible.

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