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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Kings of Mercia - Burgred

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Burgred, 852 to 874.

The pennies of this king are much more numerous than those of any other of the Mercian princes; the names of between 70 and 80 moneyers are already known, and they may be considered common. All his coins have one general appearance of type; the king's head and titles on the obverse, and the moneyer's name in three lines upon the reverse, (86), Rud. vii. viii. MB. 86. Since the time of Offa the Mercian coins had become worse in point of workmanship in each successive reign, those of Burgred being the worst and last, except those of Ciolwlf, which exactly range with them. Though many of his coins are of a baser metal than those of his predecessors, yet they do not appear to be more deficient in weight. When driven from his throne by the Danes, he took refuge in Rome, where he died and was interred in St. Mary's church, belonging to the school of the English nation there.

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