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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Kings of Mercia

Table of Contents

Eadvald or Ethelbald, 716 to 757.

Of all the kingdoms of the Heptarchy, Mercia affords the greatest number of coins and the most uninterrupted series. All the coins of this kingdom are silver pennies; and the series generally commences with pieces inscribed with the name of Eadvald, whom numismatists have chosen to consider the same person as the king, who in all the histories, is called Ethelbald. It is true that considerable latitude is allowable in the spelling of Saxon names, but we believe that there is not any instance of the same person being called Eadvald and Ethelbald; it is therefore more than probable that the coins in question belong to some other king, of whom history has been silent. Not knowing, however, where to place them correctly, we must, for the present, allow them to remain where they are; and they can scarcely be much misplaced, as is pretty evident from the identity between Rud. iv. 2. and the coin of Offa in the same plate 19. They are rather rude and without any beauty. The types consist of the name of Eadvald with the title of Rex disposed in three lines. Rev. The name of a moneyer disposed in the compartments of a quatrefoil, (60) Rud. iv. 1. MB. 1. or between the limbs of an ornamented cross, resembling (63) or Rud. iv. 2. All very rare.

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