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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Kings of Kent
Baldred and South/West Saxons

Table of Contents

Baldred, 805 to 823.

This last king of Kent was subdued by Ecgbearht in 823. His name upon his coins is Baldred or Beldred, and he is generally styled Rex, or Rex Cant. His types are,
  1. The king's bust to the right. Rev. DRVR CITS for Dorovernia Civitas, Canterbury, (57) like rev. of Archbishop Vulfred, (144), Rud. iii. 1. MB. 1. This is the earliest known coin of the Canterbury Mint, and the first instance of a place of mintage being mentioned upon a Saxon coin.
  2. Rev. a small circle from whence issue 6 or 8 rays, (58), see also Rud. xxix. 12.
  3. Cross, with pellet in each angle. Rev. the same, within a circle from whence issue four limbs, terminating in a Saxon Y, Rud. iii. 2, MB. 1.
  4. Cross crosslet. Rev. plain cross, Rud. iii. 3. MB. 1.
  5. Plain cross on each side, MB. 1. (59). All these types are very rare.

South Saxons

No coins of this kingdom have yet been discovered.

West Saxons

Certain coins have been assigned, but erroneously, to Ethelheard and Brihtric, two kings of the West Saxons. Mr. Combe, Archaeol. vol. xix. p. 111, satisfactorily proved that the first mentioned coins must belong to some king of the East Angles, who immediately preceded or followed S. Eadmund. The single coin of Beorhtric, ascribed to Brihtric king of the West Saxons, is so similar to those of Ethelweard that it cannot be separated from them; and therefore both are removed to East Anglia and placed before those of S. Eadmund.

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