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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Northumberland - Eric

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Eric, 927 to 951.

In 927 Eric, son of Harold of Norway, was placed by AEthelstan as his feudatory king in Northumberland; he was afterwards expelled, but elected by the Northumbrians themselves in 949. In less than two years he was again expelled, and slain, and was considered the last of the royal line of Northumbrian governors, the subsequent ones being only earls. The coins of Eric are silver pennies, and very rare; six forms of moneyers' names are known: the king's name reads ERIC REX, sometimes with N (for Northumbria ?) or with T.O. CUFF or with A. Rud. vol. i. p. 337, 2nd edit. 8vo. The usual weight is 18 or 19 gr. The types are,
  1. A sword lying across the field between his name and title. Rev. a cross, with or without a pellet in each angle (131). Rud. xi. 1, 2. MB. 2.
  2. A cross. Rev. the moneyer's name in two lines with three crosses between. Rud. xi. 3. This coin exactly resembles, on the reverse, the coin of his predecessor Anlaf (129), and the moneyer's name also is the same.
After the death of Eric, Northumbria ceased to be a separate kingdom, and was added by Eadred to his dominions.

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