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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Northumberland - Anlaf

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Anlaf, 941 to 945.

In 937 Anlaf, called king of Ireland, the son of Guthferth, lands in Northumbria and is defeated. In 941 he is elected king by the people, but expelled by Edmund in 945. His coins are silver pennies, and eleven varieties of moneyers' names appear upon them; still they are very rare. The types are various, and some of them very different from any which have yet occurred in the course of this work.
  1. The Danish Raven, the badge of their enchanted standard. Rev. a small cross (127). CUFF. Rud. xi. 1. HUNTER. MB. 1.
  2. A trefoil formed ornament. Has this any reference to the trefoil of Ireland, of which place he was styled king? Rev. what has been called the Danish standard (128). Rud xi. 2. MB. 2.
  3. Cross moline. Rev. small cross: exactly like the coin of Regnald. Rud. xi. 4. MB. 1.
  4. Small cross. Rev. small cross with M in the field. The letters on this coin are small, the moneyer's name SICARES is not mentioned by Ruding, but appears in the new edition. C. 12. CUFF. Upon all these the name is spelt Anlaf, and he is styled Cununc.

  5. A small cross. Rev. moneyer's name with a flower above. Rud. xi. 3. On this he is styled REX. A.
  6. A cross. Rev. a cross. Rud. xi. 5. MB. 1.
  7. Rev. the moneyer's name in two lines (129) (130). Rud. xi. 6, 7. MB. 2.
These two coins have a somewhat different appearance from the others, and the king is styled Onlaf or Onlof Rex. Do these belong to another king of a similar name? Anlaf the son of Sihtric succeeded Anlaf the son of Guthferth.

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