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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Northumberland - Regnald

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Regnald, 912 to 944.

Regnald landed in Northumbria and established himself there in 912, and was finally expelled in 944. His coins are extremely rare: one is in the Hunter collection, of silver, of the usual form and size of the Saxon penny. It will be observed that he is styled REGNALD CVNVC, his title being expressed in the Saxon not in the Roman language. The type is a cross moline on the obverse, and a small plain cross on the reverse, with the moneyer's name AVRA MONITRE. It weights 20 2/10 gr. Rud. xi. HUNTER. The only other known, but unfortunately fractured, is in the collection of the Dean of St. Patricks's. Obv. A trefoil formed ornament. Rev. Danish standard. This, it will be observed, is exactly the same as No. 2 of his successor Anlaf (128). See Numismatic Chronicle, vol. i. p. 119, from whence our plate is taken (126).

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