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An Historical Account of English Money, 3rd Edition
Stephen Martin Leake, Esq, 1793

Historical Account
English Money,
From the Conquest to the Present Time;
Those of Scotland, from the Acession
of James I. to the Union of the Two

Illustrated with Copper Plates and Tables
of Gold and Silver Money.

By Stephen Martin Leake, Esq.

Clarenceux King of Arms.

The Third Edition,
With Additions

Firmamentum Belli, et Ornamentum Pacis.


Printed for R. Faulter, T. and J. Egerton,
I. Anderson, E. Jeffery, I. Walker,
J. Cuthell, J. Deighton, R. Banister,
D. Walter, and Darton and
Harvey. 1793

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