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The Copper, Tin, and Broze Coinage of England
H Montagu, F.S.A, , 1893
Preface to the Second Edition

Preface to the Second Edition

Eight years have elapsed since I dedicated the first edition of this work to the use of my numismatic fellow-workers. During that period I have, with the assistance of many of these, compiled a list of amendments and additions which, now that a second edition is called for, I am enabled to incorporate with the original matter. These revisions will be seen to have attained somewhat goodly dimensions, and are far more numerous that I had, at the outset, considered either probable or possible. There is no doubt that my humble production, as is the case will all works on special subjects, created a greater demand than had previously existed for the coins on which it treated. This, by a natural sequence, has also led to a more critical study of these pieces, with the result that I may now fairly claim that there can be but little to add or to correct in the future. For this consummation I am indebted to many of our collectors who have given me much useful aid and information. Among these, I may especially mention and thank Mr. R. A. Hoblyn, F.S.A., and Mr. J. B. Caldecott.

Since the date of the first edition, some changes have taken place which should be noted here. Mr. W. Brice, whose name appears so often in the following pages, has been taken from us, and his collection became merged in mine. Mr. Copp's Cabinet has been dispersed, and the same fate has overtaken such of my own series as are subsequent in date to the reign of Queen Anne. On the other hand, fresh students and collectors have appeared, and from the increased numbers of adherents to the cause of numismatic science, it may well be expected that good results will follow, and that good work will be done in generous emulation of the labours of those who have preceded us.

For the convenience of my readers, and so as not to create confusion in connection with those references to my work which have, from time to time, appeared in Sale Catalogues and elsewhere, I have thought it well not to alter the number attached to each piece described, but to distinguish all novelties by a fresh number, such as 1A, 2A, &c.

I may finally add, in view of the contemplated changes in the types of some of our current coins, that I am assured by our ever-courteous Deputy Master of the Mint that no directions have, as yet, been given as to a change in the designs for the bronze coinage, and that he is not in a position to say, at present, whether any such change will be made.


February 1st, 1893

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