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Silver Rupee Coin of India, Mughal Empire

Rupee (1556-1605)


Arabic legend with the Kalima in center square, the four successors around

Kalima with bi-sudq Abi Bekr (By the Truth of Abu Bekr) bi adl Umar (By the Justice of Umar) bi haya Uthman (By the Modesty of Uthman) and bi-ilm Ali (By the Wisdom of Ali) at top, bottom, left, and right


Legend in four lines

khallad Allah te ala mulkahu 1000 : Mohammed Akbar badshah : Jalal ed din ghazi : Mint City (May Allah on high perpetuate his kingdom, 1000, Mohammed Akbar Emperor. Glory of the faith, warrior against the infidels, Minting City

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