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Denominations Used and their
Relationship to One Another

FarthingOne quarter of a penny
Quarter FarthingOne quarter of a farthing
Third FarthingOne third of a farthing
Half FarthingOne half of a farthing
HalfpennyOne half of a penny
Three FarthingsThree-quarters of a penny
Penny (d)
Three halfpence1 and a half pennys
Penny, gold20d to 24d (Henry III)
Twopence2d or half groat
Threepence3d or one-quarter shilling
Fourpence or Groat4d or one-third shilling
Sixpence6d or one-half shilling
Shilling (s)12d
Quarter Florin, Gold, 134418d
Helm, Gold, 134418d
Florin, silver2s
Quarter-Angel2s; later 2s 6d
Half Florin, Gold, 13443s
HalfcrownTwo and one-half shillings or thirty pence
Half Angel or Angelet40d; later 45d, 4s, 5s, and 5s 5d
Double FlorinTwo florins or 4s
Thistle Crown4s; later 4s 6d
CrownFive shillings, 5s 6d during 1612-1619
Crown of the Rose4s 6d
Crown of the Double Rose5s
Florin, Gold, 13446s
Double Leopard, Gold, 13446s
Third Guinea7s
Rose Noble10s
Ryal10s; later 15s
Spur Ryal15s
Angel80d; later 90d, 8s, 10s, and 11s
George Noble80d
Half Sovereign10s
Sovereign or Pound20s; also 22s 6d
Guinea20s, later 21s 6d, and finally 21s
Rose Ryal30s
Fine Sovereign30s
Triple UniteThree pounds

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