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Elizabeth of Great Britain (1952-Present)

1965 Crown
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, later Elizabeth II, was born on the 21st of April in 1926. She is the oldest daughter of the former King George VI. She married Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark on the 20th of November 1947 and has three sons and a daughter with him.

Elizabeth's coronation was on the 6th of June in 1953 and a 10-coin coronation proof set was issued in that year consisting of non-gold coins from the crown down to the farthing. To keep with tradition, a gold proof set was also issued consisting of four coins (five-pound, two-pound, sovereign, and half-sovereign) however, these were never released and all are accounted for in official custody.

Gold coins were struck again for general circulation starting in 1957, but only the sovereign denomination was struck until after the decimalization. The old denominations were discontinued when the decimal system was adopted in 1971, however denominations like the farthing had ceased to be struck in 1956 as their value was minimal.

The only major change in style of the pre-decimal coins was the omission of BRITT OMN from the coins in 1954. Shillings with both English and Scottish reverse types continued to be issued.

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